Recovering Spirituality

Achieving Emotional Sobriety in Your Spiritual Practice

Dr. Clayton (formerly Dr. Mathieu) has a diverse clinical background, which includes vast experience in the field of addiction and recovery. Recovering Spirituality is based on her research of spiritual bypass and it explores second-stage recovery and emotional sobriety.

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Dr. Clayton (formerly Dr. Mathieu) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY24799) with a private practice in Los Angeles, California. She is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and Positively Positive.




I see people, not patients. I believe that psychotherapy is a wonderful tool for anyone who is looking to improve his or her quality of life.  It is for people who want to become more conscious, to improve their relationships, and to connect to their highest self.

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As a psychotherapist, I explore the experience of being human – all its blessings and trappings. In my experience, this is just as crucial as going to the gym or eating healthfully is to our physical well being. We are made up of mind, body, and spirit and optimal health requires that we engage in regular practices that nourish all three.




“Never have words seemed so inadequate, but I suppose they will have to do. Ingrid deeply touched my heart during a time in which I so desperately needed to remember that I had one, regardless of how battered and bruised it was. I am so grateful for knowing her compassion, support, insight and humor.  Ingrid will forever be a big part of my story of hope. I am excited for those whose lives will also be graced by hers – they’re a fortunate lot.”